Top Dog Token(TDT) and
Douchebag Token(DBT) Home

Top Dog Marketplace

Our marketplace will allow users to buy and sell merchandise using top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and our own currency.

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Top Dog Book Club

The top dog book club will be a blockchain based program that will allow a community of people to get together to make and publish a book.

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Douchebag Home

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the biggest douchebag ever? Well our douchebag home allows users to experience this. 

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Top Dog Forums

Our forums will be our base of operations when it comes to interacting with the community. Need somewhere to brag about being a douchebag, have a great idea on a book, or just want to talk about things going on in the crypto world then our forums is the place for you.

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Progress on current projects

Below you can track the progress on current projects here at Top Dog Development

DBT Home

Top Dog Marketplace

Top Dog Forums

Top Dog Book Club

Latest News

Check out our latest news in our blog!

Early Stages

Just another quick update for you guys we are almost ready to get this show started! We just want to make sure that we are taking care of business on[…]

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Welcome Everyone!

On behalf of us both here at Top Dog Development we would like to give everyone a nice warm welcome! We are currently in the beginning stages testing out ideas[…]

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Our First Project
Douchebag Token

Our first project Douchebag Token(DBT) is a very important one because it will spring the development of future Top Dog projects. We aim to put a neat spin on how our DBT currency will be used that will allow holders to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Fun, thrilling, egotistical, and useful is what you’ll get with this token.

Global Douchebag Ranking

By purchasing DBT you will be eligible for our global ranking which will list the top 10 douche’s every month. Have you ever wanted to have your name listed in a number one spot? Well this is the token that will help you do that!

Bragging Rights

Of course what contest wouldn’t be complete without bragging rights! We offer our monthly winners a chance to post about how much of a douche they are and they can even post a picture just to show off how much of a douche they truly are. But be careful you won’t always be number one there will always be someone better than you sooner or later.

Prize Giveaways

Our top douchebag of the month will be eligible for prizes that are normally sold at our store such as shirts, hats, etc. The funding of the project will facilitate more enticing prices down the road so tune in for more.

Store Purchases

We offer the purchasers of our DBT the ability to make purchases at our official Top Dog storefront. Initially we will be offering a small selection of items but will be expanding in the future.

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Our Team

The team here at Top Dog Development consists of two people 

Chuck Maddern

Business Leader

Travon Wilmore


Contact us

While we are in the early beginnings you can contact us by filling out the information below.